Jesus wants you to consume cannabis…

Last week we established that marijuana is all the Jews’ fault.  But the Jews might not be the only ones in on the job.  There is strong evidence that Jesus is in favor of sensible drug regulation, too.   How do I know?  I got word from the man with the pious plan, Pat Robertson.  Short video here.

This got me thinking.  Is sensible drug regulation the only issue that many conservatives, liberals, and libertarians, openly agree on?  I can’t immediately think of another issue where the Jews, Jesus, Rastafari, Glenn Beck, and MSNBC seem to agree.  In any event, the various political parties and their constituents support a change here.  Last week Barney Frank said “[t]his is the kind of fight that’s worth making.  It’s winnable.”  He thinks that change might be 10 years in the making, however.  I think it will be less than half of that.  What do you think?


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